Like many who discovered art at a later age in their lives, I have never been to art school nor had any formal training in art. In fact, my early education couldn't be farther away from anything that resembled "artistic" or "creative". After graduating in Accounting & Economics, I returned home to Malaysia where I so much as worked 6 hours in my dad's company and ended up totally convinced that the 9-5 managerial job was not my calling. And so I pursued my first love ... the Stage.

After many years dancing, singing and creating fantastical worlds on stage whilst earning decent money, I did what my heart wanted me to do next ... fall in love and start a family. And although the stage will always have a special place in my heart, I am now a mother to 2 of the most amazing little girls and a wife to the most steadfast, loving and encouraging man.

When I began writing this Artist's Profile, no words could come out because the question of "what art do I make?" kept whirling in my head and I just couldn't pen anything down without being cliche about it. But when I finally decided that an Artist's Profile need not be about her art, that's when the words started to flow.

So here it is ... my profile ... my little journey prior to how I finally fell into the world of making things with my hands. What I make reflects my experiences in life, my emotions, my feelings about certain things, my stories and of course, the many worlds that reside in my imagination. So when I say "I make art" ... it just means that I am manifesting bits and pieces of me in a more tangible form.

Luthien Thye